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In the Moment

product design | mobile app | 2018

Have you ever been at a concert and found yourself distracted by the sea of phones in the air? Each and every person in front of you is holding their phone high to record the show that they could just be watching with their own eyes. This is not to say that I myself am not guilty of taking photos and videos during concerts. It is actually very likely that someone would catch me recording a song or taking too many photos. People desire to save the experience for later, but there’s a major annoyance that comes from this, especially when it goes on for too long. It’s a distraction, and most will present the argument that we need to “live in the moment and put our devices away.”

But should we be forced to stop saving these memories? Is there any way to diminish the annoyance that comes from documentation? In an effort to solve this issue, In The Moment plans to help concert goers enjoy the show without distractions. With one simple product, their goal is to aid the concert experience by solving the once annoying situations that resulted from phone use.

The product includes the device as well as an interchangeable fabric band. Using RFID technology, the wristband can function as your ticket and potential payment. The wristbands can also connect directly to the In the Moment app on your phone via bluetooth.

There are two buttons on each device. One to record video and one to take photos. Hitting the button once to "record" video tells the wristband to begin grabbing footage from existing cameras within the venue. Once you press the button a second time to stop recording, the footage will be sent directly to the app on your phone. Whenever available, footage can also be delivered from photographers or videographers at the show.

As mentioned earlier, the fabric band is designed to be interchangeable. Besides the band that includes the brand's logo, other options are available. For example, if you already owned the device and were purchasing tickets for a show like Boston Calling, you could opt in to receive a fabric band with the corresponding concert's design.

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