Giana Bucchino

Web, Branding


Chamfr is an online marketplace, exclusively for medical components, designed to connect engineers and supply chain teams with sellers that are committed to getting components in your hands, faster. The Chamfr team were looking for a new website that would provide a better experience for both customers and sellers.

While working give their site a full overhaul, it was important to bring their brand up to the same level of a new, modern website. The main goals were to make the experience feel more inviting, but avoid any "fluff" considering the audience at hand are experienced engineers.

Additional Credits

Created at Gupta Media

Project Involvement

  • Brand refresh
  • Information architecture
  • UX & UI design
  • Ecommerce design

Making customization easy

One of the most important features Chamfr wanted to target to users was their Request for Quote tool. Previously customers could request custom components through a contact form, but this time around the RFQ tool would serve as a well-rounded experience.

Users are guided through 4-step process where they can select the quote type, seller, component category, and custom details. The new user experience was meant to be easy for those who know exactly what they need, and a hand to hold for those who need more information.

Improving communication between sellers and buyers

In order to keep business flowing for all parties involved, the account dashboard experience needed a good refresh. This meant improving organization of the different account sections – i.e. orders, addresses, payment methods, etc.

Being a seller's marketplace, it is vital for accounts to be clear and easy to navigate when it comes to communicating, whether from the perspective of a client or a customer. Previously, communication was not a highlight, especially on the go with mobile. The new design had to change this.

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