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Boston Calling

After an unfortunate postponement of the 2020 festival, Boston Calling was finally ready to set the stage again for Memorial Day Weekend in 2022. Keeping the updated branding from 2020, this new style remained a complete 180 from the previous festival. This brand is grungy, bold, and leans into the rocker vibes that are necessary for a lineup headlined by Nine Inch Nails and Metallica.

The new brand guidelines meant the website needed some adjustments in order to fully align with new colors, typography, and textures. Using the original architecture of the 2019 website, I got started on a full re-skin for the 2022 festival.

Additional Credits

Created at Gupta Media

Project Involvement

  • Website re-skin
  • Full lineup poster
  • Social media content creation
  • Digital advertising & out of home
  • On-site signage
  • Festival credentials
  • On-site social media

From printed admat to social posts

Once again, my team was the main source of content creation for the festival's social media. This year the target demographic was drastically different from 2019 – going from Twenty One Pilots and Tame Impala to 80s rock bands. These headliners don't pull in the same young audience, so the creative needed to adapt to speak to an older generation.

The goal was to paint a picture of the festival's overall experience and cause a sense of missing out if someone were to not attend. Socials needed to hype up the full lineup announcement, create a spotlight for the hidden gems on the undercard, and stress the speed at which tickets were selling.

Taking over the festival grounds once again

Similar to 2019, I helped the Boston Calling team with the designs for everything they needed for both customers and on-site leading up to the festival. This included wristbands, mailers, directional and food signage, stage scrims, digital screens, schedules, and more.

Since the branding had changed, a major goal this time around was to ensure the experience felt cohesive for the customer. This meant creating design systems for wristbands, signage, and stages to round out the festival grounds. These systems were equally as important for the workers and security as not only did things need to look pleasing for customers, but also needed to be a functional form of security.

Working the festival

This year, I helped work on-site for the festival as part of the social media team. I worked closely with photographers and videographers to curate content that would keep the FOMO going for those who still hadn't decided to attend.

And as with any live event, it's important to note that things happen and it's necessary to know how to act quickly and calmly in uncertain situations. Throughout the weekend, there were a few instances such as lineup changes and weather emergencies where I needed to jump into action and make sure customers were up to date on the latest information.

Overall, the festival was a major success – each day the crowd grew larger and larger as people rolled in to enjoy the (mostly) beautiful weather, great music, and inviting experience.

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